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Amy and Max

Chapter 1

It was the next Friday evening, and once again Amy was alone in the house with just Max for company. Her parents had said it would be very late before they got home, so Amy would have lots of time for her fun and games with Max.

As soon as they had left, Amy turned off the downstairs lights and made a bee-line for her bedroom. Max was scampering ahead of her, as if he knew what doggy pleasures lay ahead for him, and Amy laughed aloud.

For three evenings past, she had shooed Max out of her room, locked the door and fired up her computer. She had gone on-line, on a strange quest, all the information she could find on women and girls having sex with dogs.

She had emerged from it a different and much wiser girl... and also much hornier! She couldn’t believe the perversions that were out there, apparently animals figured large in some weird people's sexual fantasies.

She had been lucky in finding an adult erotic story site called ‘The Kristen Archives’ and downloaded several stories. As she had read them on her scrolling program, she had been quickly reduced to a horny mess of young female sexuality, finger-fucking herself to lots of juicy orgasms.

Some stories had been so perverted, that she had immediately deleted them in disgust. But she had been left with several quite well-written ones, that went into girl\dog sex in erotic detail. She had learned about ‘the knot’, and what pleasure it could give if it was controlled. She had found out what ‘doggy style’ was, and why it was used.

She found out that some girls actually liked to suck off their dog’s cocks, and shuddered in distaste as she thought about it, she could never do that! She also found out that some girls liked to be fucked in their rear-ends, and trembled hornily as she remembered the pleasure Max’s rough tongue had given her anus.

That one she wasn’t at all sure about, she couldn’t quite imagine anything going in her tiny little anus. But she was pleased to find out that it was okay to train one’s dog to eat one out, this was the least of the perversions. She figured Max was a natural for that one, and trembled deliciously.

Now it was time for her to explore these refinements, and she was quite determined to do things up properly. She was more than vaguely surprised, that she had fully accepted what she was doing was a perversion, and that it didn't bother her in the least.

First she stripped off, as Max sniffed around her, then took him into the bathroom and ordered him into the tub. She gave him a quick bath, then got into the tub with him and showered them both, finally drying him and her with big fluffy bath-towels.

She had a hard time keeping his nose out of her crotch, and once he tried to mount her as she bent down and picked up the soap. She almost succumbed to him right then and there!

But finally they were back in her bedroom, and she was flat on her back on the bed with her legs wide open and hanging off the side, as Max happily snuffled and licked at her open pussy as if he’d been doing it for years.

She had decided to try out two things - his knot in her pussy as he took her missionary style like before, and his cock and knot in her pussy, doggy style. So now she clutched his head to her crotch, as he quickly brought her to her first glorious orgasm of the evening.

She rested for a few minutes as his tongue cleaned her up... she loved him for that ... then she scooted close to the edge of the bed with her legs in the air, then pulled back wide open as far as she could get them. Now her pussy was fully exposed, and Max seemed to know exactly what to do.

First he licked her crotch a couple of times, then put his front paws on either side of her chest and humped his way into position over her. She reached down and took his wildly waving cock in one hand, and guided the pointed tip of it into her glistening love-hole.

This was the first time he had fucked her since her introduction to doggy sex, and once again she had difficulty with his entry into her.

This time she adjusted much quicker, there was a little pain which soon disappeared, and then she grabbed his haunches, pulling him down to her as she thrust her pussy up to meet him. Once again the pleasure of feeling his throbbing cock filling her was indescribable, and she cried out in her joy.

Max took off on her like a railway train, and she immediately flooded them with a rush of cum as she orgasmed once again. Max was fucking her with incredible speed and vigour, when dogs fuck, they really fuck, she thought dazedly, as she felt some of his initial cum splattering inside her.

Soon she felt his knot banging at her pussy lips as he pistoned into her, then he stopped and pressed against her, it was time for the experiment, and she gulped.

She reached down, and with her fingers, gently eased his knot into her distended vagina. It took a little while, but soon his knot slid into her, and her opening closed up around him. Max was licking her face and tits as she helped him, she was quite touched!

Then it began! His knot started to swell inside her vagina until it felt as big as a small orange, and she screamed out in pain. She wanted to stop him but it was too late now. Thankfully he stopped swelling, and she stopped her screaming and tried to adjust to the pain of this huge thing jammed inside her.

Max again gave his usual "ruff!" and started cumming faster as he sealed her to him, but she knew it wasn’t the huge load that she was looking for from him. She carefully wriggled herself around on him, and then wonder of wonders, her g-spot found his knot.

Her mind dissolved into a shower of bright lights as she came in an earth shattering orgasm. Her vagina spasmed as it impossibly expanded, then it clamped tightly around the throbbing ball inside her.

Now Max finally shot his load, and pumped what seemed like a gallon of doggy-cum deep inside her, and she vaguely wondered where it was all going. Both of them were cumming like gang-busters, and Amy threw her arms around Max’s back and frantically pulled him onto her, holding him tight as her vagina throbbed around the knot.

It was all too much for her, and her mind spun like a whirlpool, as she slipped slowly and gently into unconsciousness. Just before she passed out, she remembered to put her legs around his haunches and lock her ankles, to prevent him ripping out her vagina if he tried to pull out of her.

She came to, feeling a wet tongue licking all over her face, and looked dazedly up at Max. Then everything came back to her, and she looked down at herself. She was amazed to see that Max was still deep inside her, and a quick squeeze of her cunt around his doggy cock confirmed it.

Not only that, but his knot was still swollen inside her ... he had not pulled out of her!

Because now her legs were splayed out on either side of him, she had obviously unlocked her ankles, but he apparantly had made no attempt to pull out of her. Her spinning mind mulled this over, as she carefully worked her distended vagina on his knot, enjoying the sensations.

He lowered his head, and licked and nipped at her breasts and nipples. This was one really smart dog she thought thankfully, and then impossibly she orgasmed again, as she felt him throb in her one more time, adding to the considerable load of cum already inside her.

Max slurped at her breasts and nipples for another twenty minutes, then finally his knot went down, and Amy was able to ease him out of her.

Immediately his cum flooded out of her, and she just laid there and let it, keening deep in her throat. She had just had the best fuck of her young life, and looked down fondly at her dog, as once again he licked and cleaned every drop from her, then the floor.

Such a gentleman she thought again to herself!

Chapter 2

She went to the bathroom and did her thing, then took a quick shower. As she towelled herself dry she looked down at Max who was laying on the floor looking up at her, his tail thumping like mad, and laughed.

“Ready for the next course Max?” she asked as she patted him, and she could have sworn he smiled at her.

She took him back to her bedroom and now sat down on the polished wood floor, and patted him as he licked her face. Then she got down on all fours, and presented her buttocks to him in the approved doggy style, she hoped.

“Go for it Tiger!” she gurgled sexily, and with a little yelp, Max immediately mounted her and without any trouble at all found her pussy, and slid his long cock deep inside her.

Immediately Amy sensed a big difference, it was more comfortable for both of them this way. It was obviously more natural for Max, and he even clutched her body with his front paws. She had put little socks on them earlier as a result of her internet search.

There was only one problem as far as she was concerned, and that was that she now had no control over him whatsoever, she was basically at his mercy as he fucked her, and she gulped as she submitted to his intense thrusts, her orgasm building quickly within her none- the-less.

Again she was amazed at the speed and vigour of his fucking of her, and was soon pushing back at him in pleasure, then she shuddered and orgasmed joyfully, reaching behind herself and pulling his haunches on to her. Then she felt the knot pushing into her and gulped, as she tried to open up her cunt to accommodate him.

He stopped moving and pressed firmly into her, and to her pleasant surprise, her vagina slowly opened up like a morning flower, and swallowed him into her. Now the knot swelled again, and once more there was some pain for Amy as she adjusted to the invader. This time his cock was much deeper inside her, and she felt the tip of it penetrating her cervix.

Then her vagina spasmed like before, expanded, and sucked the dog’s cock and knot deep inside her. Again her g-spot was titillated as she worked her cunt on him, then she screamed in pleasure, as again she flooded her thighs and the floor with cum.

Max was now fully tied into her, sealing her up tight, and he began unloading. She could feel the spurts of hot thick cum hitting the walls of her vagina, and filling her cervix, and she shuddered in delight.

Far too soon it was all over, and she waited patiently until his knot could pull out of her. She missed his attentions to her tits and nipples, that she had enjoyed the other way.

Finally Max pulled out and did his clean-up bit, then Amy laid down on a rug, and petted Max as he laid down beside her, and rested his head on her tits.

Without being told, he started licking at her face then her tits and nipples, he had missed it it too she thought happily. She wondered at his almost human concern for her ... his consideration in not pulling out from her when most dogs would have been long gone, his liking now for her breasts.

And then he got up and stood over her, moved down her body, and buried his snout in her crotch! She really must think about doing something else for him she thought happily, as she opened her thighs up wide, and he proceeded to eat her out to her best orgasm yet at his tongue.

She wondered if he would like to fuck her in her bottom, no knot of course, that would be impossible. Lady dogs didn’t do it, it might be a treat for him she mused, as once more she heaved her hips up to his muzzle as she climaxed.

Afterwards she showered once again, thinking about his cock in her bum, and eased her finger-tips into her soapy anus. It felt rather nice she admitted to herself, but she was dubious about his cock going in there, he was bigger than a couple of fingers. And it would hurt like hell she was sure.

Oh well ... maybe next time! And she dried herself off and went back to her bedroom. She put on her pyjamas, and got into bed, pulling up the covers. She sternly admonished Max, who had jumped up on the bed, wanting to play, her parents wouldn't allow Max on her bed.

She reluctantly resisted Max's advances, as he nuzzled at her eager pussy under the sheets, and ordered him off the bed. She was fast asleep, looking like a little angel when her parents got home, and quietly looked in on her.

Max looked up from his spot by the closet, and thumped his tail slowly on the floor as they softly closed the door.

Then he went over to the bed and jumped up and laid down on top of the covers, his wet nose nuzzling at Amy’s neck as she moaned in her sleep, and her arm cuddled him to her.

Author: Pete

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