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Anne's New Pet

Chapter 1: Anne’s Introduction to Rooster

Anne and Calvin were what’s called "empty nesters". The two kids had finished college and moved away to start their own lives in another city. Anne, a beautiful and sexy middle aged woman still enjoyed sex and having multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, time and distance did not allow her and Calvin to relax and enjoy each other as they would like or once did.

Calvin and Anne had been married close to thirty years and neither had strayed outside the marriage boundary, however, Calvin had talked to Anne about her getting it on with a younger man; this had only been sexual fantasy talk between the two of them when they were being intimate. Trust in their relationship was very important and realizing a fantasy would only serve to compromise their trust.

Life seemed to be status quo between Anne and Calvin. They were both professionals and had plenty of money, they traveled for work and pleasure and enjoyed each others company and found sex OK. Calvin thought Anne needed more in the sex department as he was no longer a twenty year old and could not have the same erection that he once did. Calvin was not much into chemically induced boners and herein lies his dilemma.

Watching Anne climax was always a treat for Calvin and Anne seemed to like it as well, and no matter how much they talked about Anne getting it on with a younger man this was only talk and not likely to be a forthcoming happening. Calvin did talk Anne into showing off her pussy occasionally when they went to the shoe store. Anne, who had shaved her pubic hair for many years, would dress in one of her summer dresses, without panties of course, and off they would go to the shoe store. Calvin had scoped out small low volume stores with young male clerks; preferably young black men.

Of course, Anne was slow to get into the scene but after trying on several pairs of shoes she inevitably would allow her skirt to raise up her thigh and open her legs as necessary to slip her foot into the shoe. Many a young clerk has had plenty of opportunity to observe Anne’s glistening pussy, as this action is a real turn on for Anne, the store clerk and, needless to say, for me as well. Anne and I have done the shoe shopping thing a few times which always livens up our sexual encounter, and is GREAT fantasy food.

Then it came to Calvin, Anne needed a hard-on lover who she could love, but who would not steel her away from her husband. Anne needed a pet; a male German Shepard puppy. This would surely be the perfect solution to Anne and Calvin’s sexual void. A dog is loyal, obedient, protective, and un-talkative. Calvin set about studying the local German Shepard market to see what kind of a pet a Shepard would make.

After some time he found an eight week old male puppy that seemed outgoing and friendly, hopefully a puppy that Anne would fall in love/lust with. The puppy came from a good blood line of very fertile male dogs, a dog that would forever get to keep his pedigreed balls. It was tan and black and had a beautiful face, and what seemed to be a huge tongue. This was not going to be a large dog, probably not weighing over 65 pounds. The breeder said the puppy was eligible for show or stud, something that I thought might prove to be a worthwhile quality.

Two weeks later Calvin presented the young dog to Anne for her birthday. She was surprised and delighted. Anne immediately fell in love with the puppy and decided to name him Rooster. Anne and Rooster were inseparable, they walked and ran together; he was always at her feet. Anne was like a little girl playing with this puppy and loving on him. I could not have given Anne a better birthday present, hopefully one that would keep on giving.

Soon Rooster was a year old and had matured to his full weight, approximately 70 pounds. Not only was his tongue huge, his penis was no small appendage. Frequently, when Anne would pet and rub Rooster I noticed that he responded with an engorged penis, every bit of eight or nine inches. Rooster was part of our family, so much so that he slept in the same bed with Anne and I.

Rooster found a comfy nest right between Anne and me and shamelessly took up all the bed he thought he needed for a good nights sleep. Anne was having trouble sleeping with the level of stress she maintained from her job and had to take a sleeping pill that our doctor prescribed. This was a fairly high powered medication and Anne generally never woke up in the night.

The story of Anne’s sexual encounter with Rooster has a slow beginning , most of which I will leave out to save the reader from having to plow through the endless boring details. One night Anne was fast asleep and I was exceedingly horny. Anne generally slept in little string bikinis and a T-shirt, or sometimes just the T- shirt.

I was hot so I pulled the sheet off of the both of us, Anne was totally oblivious to what I was doing but Rooster seemed somewhat interested. I thought dogs needed some formal training in order to develop a smell for the female scent, but Rooster needed little encouragement to scoot his snout up between Anne’s legs. With just the slightest assist from me pulling Anne’ s panties to one side, Rooster was quick to give Anne’s pussy a long slow lick. One lick lead to another and Rooster appeared to be rooting Anne’s crotch.

Amazingly to me Anne appeared to be responding to all the attention to her pussy, even while remaining totally asleep. I could tell from the smell that Anne’s pussy was very juicy, and I was about at my wits end ready to have an orgasm at any moment. Anne never awakened, or at least I do not think she awoke, but her pelvis was gyrating to meet Rooster’s passionate licking. After a few minutes of this "hot" interplay Anne moaned breathless moan, quickened her pelvic thrusting and, I believe in her sleep, had what appeared to be a wonderful orgasm.

I pulled Rooster off of Anne at that point, which was no small matter with a 70 pound sexually excited dog, and we all went back to sleep. Oh yea, I almost forgot to tell you watching Anne have a great nocturnal orgasm stimulated me into probably one of the best orgasms that I have ever had. I fell asleep wondering how far the sexual relationship between Anne and Rooster might go and how far I was willing to watch it go.

Chapter 2: Advancing the Relationship

Three weeks later much the same scenario happened with Anne out cold from her sleeping medication and me horny as Hell. Rooster was sawing logs until I pulled back the covers and he was right at Anne’s crotch. Even asleep she didn’t seem to mind the disturbance and from the aroma, I would judge, was starting to respond sexually. I wanted to see more, if a little is good a lot is perfect, and started to ponder a way that I could arrange Rooster so he would be able to insert his monster penis without waking Anne.

I got a pair of my heavy socks and slipped them onto Rooster’s front paws, he was thinking of something far more important than socks and didn’t seem to mind one bit. I managed to slip Anne’s panties down her legs and finally completely off, and spread her legs somewhat wider. Anne always sleeps on her stomach which made my little shenanigans much easier. Now I lifted Anne’s hips slightly and slid a pillow under her pelvis, never once did she wake up from all this maneuvering, and I had to hold Rooster off her while I elevated her butt a few inches.

Roosters eight inch penis was fully extended and dripping pre-ejaculation fluid everywhere, as a virgin he seemed very excited about his first sexual encounter with a human woman, with any female for that matter. After Anne was in position Rooster started to lick her swollen pussy and Anne exhaled a silent oh. I lightly rubbed Anne’s very wet pussy and she hunched the pillow and moaned ever so silently.

During this delay Rooster whined and tried to push me out of the way. Now was the time that I had waited for in my fantasy’s, hopefully Anne would not wake up and kill me. I helped Rooster spread his front legs around Anne’s waist, he was hunching and his pre-cum was flying.

Rooster was more than ready to go so I guided his slippery penis between Anne’s legs and he took over from there. I knew enough not to let him lock onto to her with his knot but his penis slipped all the way in. Even in sleep Anne was ready and started to moan, next she elevated her hips even higher and started to chant oh, oh, oh.

I would never have thought Anne was asleep during this righteous fucking, but she would have never agreed to such a thing if she had been awake. Rooster had built up a head of steam and was really ramming Anne by now, and I was afraid that he was about to cum. Just watching, assisting, was enough for me to have my own orgasm without ever touching myself. I was overcome with passion vicariously enjoying Anne getting the fucking of her life.

Too bad she wasn’t awake to fully enjoy this action herself. I could not wait another minute, if I didn’t stop Rooster he would insert his knot into Anne and shoot his load. I forcedly pulled Rooster off my beautiful wife, which was not an easy feat, and he jumped off the bed and left the room. Seemingly poor old Rooster was unfulfilled and somewhat pissed, but who could blame him. Having completely satisfied myself, I pulled the pillow out from under Anne and returned the covers as they had been previously.

The next morning Anne and I awoke as if nothing had happened. It was Saturday and we went about our business as usual. Bless those little sleeping pills. Rooster seemed quite normal and regular as an old dog could be, however he was acting as if he wanted to be around Anne a lot more, at her heals sniffing and licking her as if she belonged to him alone.

Sunday morning Anne decided to give Rooster his monthly bath. She usually completed this task in the back yard wearing only her panty’s and bra. This Sunday was no exception except Rooster had a hard-on the entire time. Anne rubbed Roosters penis and he humped her hand in exchange. If I had not been a party to the previous Friday night I would have thought nothing of this matter, but I couldn’t help wonder if Anne was not enjoying herself a little too much rubbing Rooster’s soapy penis with her right hand while directing the running water between her legs with the left. Needless to say I determined this to be a sexy sight and hung around for the show.

Life’s activities resumed a normal pace for the next couple of weeks, nothing in particular happened between Anne, Rooster or myself except last Saturday morning Anne was making breakfast and Rooster was in attendance just in case an unplanned treat fell to the floor; his total domain. Anne had on an oversized T-shirt and nothing else, her usual sleeping attire.

I entered the kitchen and low and behold Anne was standing at the sink with her legs spread apart and Rooster had his muzzle planted squarely between her legs. When I walked in Anne made a big to-do about what a bad dog Rooster was being, slapping him away. Well, I didn’t just fall off the apple cart last week, it was fairly apparent that Anne was a willing participant in the late night licking sessions that had been going on for some time.

Chapter 3: Out in the Open

After breakfast I asked Anne if she liked Roosters advances. Of course she acted as if she did not know what on earth I meant, but I said that I had seen Rooster licking her crotch when I entered the kitchen and that at first she did not seem to mind. With this Anne said that she did like how his cold nose felt on her hot pussy and that she might be interested in delving deeper into bestiality.

This was a topic that she had always been fascinated with and, regardless how shameful the act might be would like to have Rooster lick her to orgasm. I assured her that I did not think this would be a shameful act and that I would love to see him get her off, and then some.

We decided that there was no time like the present, but maybe we would smoke a joint before embarking on this new adventure. There must have been a strong odor of sex in the air because Rooster was right at our sides licking our legs with a semi-erect penis. I felt very sexual and suspect that Anne was hot as well.

Becoming sufficiently stoned, I started to play with Anne right where we sat on the couch, fingering and rubbing her already wet swollen pussy. Rooster was ever ready to take over and I suggested to Anne that we let him have a lick. She only moaned and slid further down on the couch. Rooster needed no coaching and started aggressively licking Anne.

Within two minutes she started humping Roosters face and said, "Oh YES! Fuck me!" Anne had what appeared to be a very enjoyable orgasm. Rooster was relentless and clearly wanted more. He jumped on the couch, hopped back onto the floor and then put his front paws on either side of Anne.

I told her not to let him have his way until I got back with some heavy socks for his front paws. Anne said please hurry as he was becoming very aggressive. When I returned Rooster was again licking Anne and she cried out, "Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming! Oh God I’m cummimg!"

I pulled Rooster off Anne and slid the socks on his front legs. I told Anne that I was now going to let Rooster have his way with her and asked if she was ready. Anne only moaned and begged for more. I put a pillow on the floor next to the couch and suggested that Anne should kneel on the pillow facing the couch. I said that this would provide maximum exposure for Rooster to take her doggy style. Anne moved immediately to her new position and Rooster just as quickly mounted my sexy wife. Anne was more wet than I had ever seen her and plenty ready. Rooster jabbed around missing his mark several times. Just as I was about to direct him to his target, Rooster hit the mark and Anne cried out in lust. "Oh God, that feels so good, fuck me Rooster, yes please fuck me!"

Rooster readily complied building speed as he went. I wasn’t about to stop him from coming when the time was right and knew full and well that they would be locked into position for a short time afterward. I told Anne that I wanted to talk a few pictures of this sexy event and left her to her pleasures while I went after the digital camera. Anne was in her own world and didn’t even miss my presence, and Rooster had full command of his woman.

When I returned with the camera Anne was moaning for another orgasm, and Rooster was fully inserted knot and all humping with all his might. I asked Anne if I could take pictures and she said nothing, which I took to mean that I certainly could. It was a grand sight, my wife writhing away on her hands and knees with our trusty old German Shepard on her back fucking her for all he was worth. Three contented animals. The pictures that I took would classify as porno, but the look on Anne’s face said s-a-t-i-s-f-a-c-t-i-o-n; a very happy coupling.

Well this continued for a few more minutes and Rooster started to pick up his pace. When Rooster started to cum, amazingly Anne started to cum at the same time; maybe for the tenth time? Rooster then stopped and dismounted in a turning action resulting in he and Anne being butt to butt.

Interestingly enough neither of them seemed to mind. Anne put her head on the couch and panted, having spent herself to a greater degree than I had previously ever seen. Ten minutes later Rooster reduced in size and was able to pull out of my sweetie. What I then saw as a swollen pussy with a gaping orifice and lots of doggy cum oozing out. I found this to be a real turn-on and would hope to return to a similar scenario time and again.

Anne and I took a shower together and then went to bed to engage in the most passionate love making that we had ever had. I think including Rooster in our love making has brought Anne an I closer together and made ours a much happier family, but I am not at all sure the sleeping pills ever really worked.

Author: Calvin McRich

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