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Anything Goes Wife

My wife's name is Wendy and mine is Mike. We are in our 50's. We have always had a good sex life with lots of variety to spice it up. What I mean by variety, is her penchant for extremely large objects inserted in her cunt. Our sex life has taken a downturn this last year.

Wendy recently told me that she had gotten extra horny a few months ago and decided to start experimenting with larger and larger objects. The more unusual the object the better she said. Wendy told me she has fucked the headboard ornament and chair legs among other things. I became very interested and told her I'd like to watch her.

We decided to put it all on film and went shopping at various stores for unusual, large objects for her to stuff in her cunt. We first went to the super market, where she purchased various large fruits and vegetables. We then went to the meat section where she picked out sausages, salami and bologna. We then went to a home improvement store, where she proceeded to pick out various tools and other objects. After making the purchases, we decided to start the next day. With everything she had, it would take several days of filming.

The next day, she went in to shower and shave her cunt. I setup the cameras and lights in the bedroom. Wendy came out nude and setup two pillows and a towel on the bed. She put on a black mask so her face wouldn't be on film and proceeded to show the camera the veggies and sausages she would use.

She got up on the bed and sucked her nipples for a bit, then fingered her bald cunt. You could hear how wet she was when she worked four fingers in and out of her cunt. Wendy then lay down and took a carrot, rubbing it up and down her gash. She then inserted it and fucked it in and out furiously. She then picked up and ear of corn and said, "this looks interesting". Wendy then slid it into her cunt. From the ease with which it went in, you could tell she had a loose cunt. She fucked it then removed it slowly and licked it clean.

She then proceeded to fuck herself with one, then two cucumbers at the same time. Finishing with those, she fucked herself with two zucchini. She then picked up the butternut squash and slowly inserted it. It was the biggest thing I'd ever seen in her cunt. She didn't even flinch when it went in. She lay there with a glassy look and smile on her face.

She was obviously enjoying herself. Wendy finished with that, then started with the sausage. She really enjoyed that. Then the salami went in with ease and she fucked it hard. Next was the bologna, which I never thought would fit. It was even bigger than the squash. She fucked herself hard with it, rubbing her clit at the same time. Wendy came with a cry of release. She just relaxed, the bologna still deep in her cunt. I shut the lights off and turn ed the cameras off. Once she calmed down, she asked if I got some good video. I told her, I sure did.


The next afternoon, Wendy told me she wanted some help with the insertions. I told her I couldn't help as long as I was filming. Wendy went and called her friend Sandi. Sandi came over and agreed to help. She knew all about the wild insertions. Today was to be tool day.

Sandi and Wendy started with some finger fucking. It really wasn't necessary, as Wendy was turned on with the thought of inserting some new things. Sandi started small with some wrenches. She slowly worked up to the hammer handle. She fucked Wendy hard and deep with it. Then came an axe handle. I got some great shots of that. Sandi picked up a 12" pipe wrench. She looked at it, then at Wendy's gaping cunt. Wendy told her to use the head of the wrench. Sandi proceeded to insert it. It went in and she fucked Wendy with it slowly. Then she removed it and licked the cunt juices off of it.

Wendy told her to use the 24" pipe wrench. Sandi said it'll never fit and Wendy told her to get it in and fuck her with it. Sandi put the head of the wrench against Wendy's cunt lips and slowly pushed. The lips opened and the wrench stated sliding in easily. Sandi was amazed that it went in so easily. Then Wendy told Sandi to get the sledge hammer head. That thing weighed about 10 pounds. Wendy put her legs up and spread them wide as Sandi inserted the end of the hammer head. Sandi let go of it and it slid in and disappeared inside Wendy's cunt. Wendy told Sandi to reach in and pull it out slowly, which she did.

Wendy was still hot, as she hadn't cum yet. She had never been with another woman before. Sandi told her she would love to eat her pussy and bring her to orgasm. Wendy looked at me, and I told her why not. Sandi moved so her pussy was off to one side of Wendy's head.

She proceeded to eat Wendy's cunt while Wendy started finger fucking Sandi. Sandi slowly moved so her cunt was over Wendy's mouth, then slowly lowered herself. Wendy started to lick her cunt lips. She really got into it once she started. They both had large wet orgasms. When they caught their breath, Wendy said it was fantastic and wanted to eat Sandi's pussy again. They decided to do each other another time.

The next day, Sandi came over. I still have the cameras with plenty of DVD's. We moved the lights into the living room, then spread a blanket on the floor. Sandi asked Wendy if she had ever considered sex with a dog. Wendy said she had for awhile, but thought it too dirty. Sandi told her it was a real good fuck. Wendy agreed to watch Sandi, and if she saw it was good, she would consider it.

Sandi went out, and brought back two dogs. One was a Dalmatian, the other a pit bull. They both got naked and Sandi proceeded to play with the pit bull's cock. Once it was exposed, she sucked it a bit then let the dog mount her. Wendy was watching and playing with her cunt. Next thing she knew, the Dalmatian was licking her cunt. She loved that. Sandi knotted with the pit bull for a bit. When he pulled out the doggie cum just ran out of her. She asked Wendy if she wanted to try it. Wendy was glassy eyed and quickly shook her head yes.

Wendy got down and Sandi instructed her on how to stroke the dog to get him hard. Once the dogs cock was out, Sandi told Wendy to suck his cock. Wendy went at it like a pro. Then Sandi had Wendy get up on all fours and the dog mounted. Sandi guided him into Wendy's cunt.

The dog took over and pounded her like only a dog can. Wendy loved it. All afternoon, Wendy was sucking dog cock and being mounted repeatedly. By the end of the afternoon, Wendy was exhausted, but satisfied. Sandi told Wendy that her cunt was still full of doggie cum. Wendy went over and knelt before Sandi and proceeded to suck doggie cum out of her cunt. Sandi orgasmed hard and cried out.

After those two days. Sandi and her dogs became a fixture around our house. Neither Sandi nor Wendy wore clothes when the dogs were around. That way the dogs had access to both of them anytime they wanted. I loved watching the two of them with each other, inserting large objects in each others cunt or both doing the dogs. I even join in on occasion, fucking both of them.

Author: Stargazer

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