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Beth, the third time

I was again getting completely carried away and as I didn’t have Zeus in my mouth, his cock was already pouring juice out onto my tummy and tits. It mingled with the lube and ran down between my legs, over my wet, hot pussy and dripped off my bum cheeks to the floor. It is clearly a risky business once I am massively aroused and near a giant horse penis because of my lack of self control. Every bone in my body, my wild mind, my heaving breasts and of course my wanton loins, wanted him for my mate that evening. I continued wanking him with my right hand as he gently bobbed his hips now. My left hand rubbed my heaving, slippery breasts then slid down my stomach and I felt the absolute saturation of my pussy hole. I was soaking and my lips were puffy to the touch and slightly gaping.

I moved my other leg up next to my first one so my back was on the hay and my legs were onto Zeus’s back. I felt comfortable now as I slowly began to play with my clit as I wanked him. He was clearly aroused as he grunted and bobbed his massive hips until……

The front half of his body pushed up against the wall above me, as he turned his rear hips in slightly. His cock nearly slipped out of my hand as I reached around the side of my bum. I grasped around his shaft behind his fat helmet and kept a grip. It then prodded heavily against my bum, pushing my head against the stable wall. I lifted my hips to avoid this hard prodding, but then he bobbed his hips up again searching and contacted with my entrance. He was still again as I rubbed the massive fat end on my soaking hole, but of course he was not happy with this. He thrust and it pushed me open, wider and wider as I screwed my face up. I wasn’t safe at all, but completely helpless as this huge animal squashed me onto the wall and pushed his cock up my overstretched pussy.

Fortunately at that angle he couldn’t have his way with me as Milo had. This is a good thing, as his slippery erect phallus was already as deep as Milo had been. I could still see his foreskin gathered up to my entrance, with over a foot of his massive cock still pulsing and twitching outside me. I was more interested in what was inside though, as he calmed a little and stopped his fucking. I was like a sexual deviant as I lifted my weight slightly on my elbows and heels so I could start to slide up and down his huge, fat stallion dick. He was so filling and hot and my pussy was aching to come. It didn’t take long as I slid up and down the pulsing shaft and I could feel his shaft end and helmet starting to expand.

“YEEESSSSS”, I yelled at full volume, as my orgasm erupted through my whole body and I struggled to accommodate his immense girth. I assume my womanly vagina must have squeezed his fat, equestrian penis like no mare had, as I soon had his reaction to my orgasm. He thrust his hips into me with a sideways movement and buried himself painfully into my uterus. Then his massive cock swelled like a balloon expanding inside me. I jerked my hips upwards at the pain and felt my insides nearly come out as the girth of his helmet and shaft end slid out of my depths. I will have that picture in my head for ages, as his cock so swollen, pink and angry, popped out of me with a torrent of juice. I knew what was coming as he jabbed his hips still, so I clamped my legs together. Luckily he missed my poor vagina, but rammed between my thighs and I looked up just as his swollen tool started to pump out jets of horse cum in my direction.

I couldn’t move. I was pinned on my back with my heels on his side and he was happy to completely shower me in thick, white, jizz. I took every last drop of his come all over my face, boobs and stomach as it poured from my body to the floor. It had happened again!

My pussy gaped as I walked from his stall, our combined juices running out of me. It was getting later now, as I dried myself. I was down to my last couple of towels already. I was about to pick my clothes up for cleaning when I noticed Milo had appeared at his stall gate. Well if I was going to wash my towels anyway, I decided I might as well wash all of them…

I walked over to him, lube and towel in hand and went in the gate. This time I was just behaving shockingly, as I knelt down next to his side again. Milo’s cock was hung down maybe 12 or 14 inches and was floppy and oozing come continuously. His fat end was still bulbous as it had not recovered from his last orgasm. I grasped him and simply lifted him to my mouth and crammed the huge, soft bell end into my mouth. I struggled to suck on him as I started to toss him off and could taste the come oozing out of him and down my throat.

I was on all fours, bum in the air, as I now sucked on his cock; gently bobbing my head. He was looking around to see me and I could soon feel his recovering cock twitching again in my mouth. As I worked my mouth on him his twitching grew stronger and I finally had to let his huge swollen cock end fall out from my lips.

“I know what you want Milo, you big sexy boy”, I said to him as I crawled to the back of his stall and put my towel over his hay bail. I remained on my knees and rested my heavy boobs onto the bail as I stuck my bum out in full view of him. He knew his little mare was horny as he turned sideways and I saw his massive, throbbing cock swinging ready for me. I reached under myself and could feel my hot pussy, oozing mine and Zeus’s juices. My lips were puffy and swollen as I gently teased myself into a sexual frenzy again.

Milo soon made his way over and only stopped to breath and smell at my pussy before he started to nip me again on the bum. I barely had time to rub the lube up my gaping snatch before he lifted his front hooves up. This time they knocked painfully into my shoulders but then planted onto the hay either side of my head. This was fine, except as he probed into my bum cheek with his hugely engorged cock, I found myself pinned up to his front legs.

The weight behind his stiff member hurt my bum as he probed trying to find my opening. Then he pushed the massively swollen end onto my asshole and I felt it opening until I panicked and managed to push my hips upwards slightly.

“FUCK ME YOU HORNY BASTARD….GET IT IN MY PUSSY NOW…”, I shouted at him with sexual anger. Suddenly he jabbed at the right place and again because of the lube and my aroused state, his gigantic cock just slid all the way up my wet hole.

“OOOOOHH FUCK…..”, I shouted as he filled me completely with his bulging penis. He started to thrust his strong hips into me, burying his massive member into my womb. I was gasping for breath as he seemed to be more eager than he had ever been to fuck his strange mare. In, out, in, out…deeper….harder, I was overwhelmed with his huge piston.

I have said he seemed different, almost more mature and he seemed to be stronger than I remember and rougher too. I couldn’t move as I was pinned this time against his front legs as he forced into me with as much of his massive 2 foot cock as my tight pussy would take. I was so horny that I came almost straight away, true to form another earth shaking orgasm! He didn’t stop their and just fucked even harder as he tried to get himself off into my hot cunt.

He was holding me with his legs to get as much purchase to push into me when I felt like something gave inside me. I now realise that he had never been into my womb at all before, but this was his chance. I could feel pain deep in my insides as he forced me open and I felt the sensation of his massive cock end fill me deep inside my womb.

It was insane for a young woman to be doing this sort of thing with such a well endowed animal. The simple fact was I couldn’t stop myself. I was completely full of burning lust for his giant equestrian cock.

I could feel him pulling out of my womb and ramming back in with every stroke as his cock suddenly started to swell. His thrusts slowed but got harder and more painful as he moved closer to his orgasm. His swelling continued as his size got uncomfortable, before he finally tried to pull out once more but couldn’t release.

I was pulled backwards slightly and let out a loud moan as I was hooked on his cock. He thrust me up to his front legs again and then his massive cock just grew up to its ridiculously large, full girth. I whimpered loudly as his orgasm pulsed down his massive shaft and into my insides. Bursting from my tight hole I could feel it showering around my bum and pouring from my thighs as he emptied.

I looked down between my legs as I suddenly erupted again into orgasm with the thrill of my lovemaking. His come didn’t seem to be as thick and white this time, but more watery and going everywhere. It was pouring out of me as he pushed his body weight onto me his huge orgasm coming and coming and coming!

I felt the moment ending and I was amazed by the fuck he had given me that time. His maturity was clearly in evidence as he was a proper stud now. He soon moved his front legs up and dropped down at my side. I encountered a problem though as he did not leave my well used pussy. I found myself on all fours with him stood sideways to my rear end and still firmly locked deep inside me with his huge cock. I must have been so tight at the entrance to my womb that his huge bell end could not evacuate its blood in order to shrink and leave me.

I tried to concentrate and squeeze the massive shaft with my strong, young pussy but to no avail. I reached under myself and grasped his soft foreskin that was gathered at my entrance and tried to hold him tight. I managed to pull my hips and I must say this was the most painful part of our union as his bulging end pulled from me. As soon as it released from the lock, his whole, massive, floppy cock fell out with a shower of spunk and swung around between his back legs. I pretty much collapsed onto my bum against the hay bail. I was sat for 5 minutes in a huge pool of Milo’s spunk, as I was so worn out and had quivering legs!

Well, that was by far the wildest I have ever been in my life. I ended up showering and had a wonderful nights sleep, feeling more content than I have ever felt. It took me two attempts to wash the towels, as they dried like cardboard after the first wash because they were so full of spunk! I am sure that I will have more unions with those amazing animals and will right more of my experiences if the votes for my story’s seem to approve.

Author: Bethany Taylor

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