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I had just come home from work and had let Bosco, my German Shepherd out to the back yard to relieve himself. I remember feeling sorry for myself as I sat on the sofa moping. My boyfriend and I had broken up last month and it seemed that this time we would not be getting back together again. I came home one day and he was gone. He left a note apologizing for falling in lust with another woman and that I could keep the dog. I started thinking about all the love making we did. He was excellent at eating pussy. And could he fuck. Many times all night and in every hole in my body. I took off my panties and began to feel up my pussy. I stuck 1, 2 and then 3 fingers as deep as they would go up my snatch and with my other hand I savagely went at my clit. I was in a deep trance and could almost feel my "X" eating my pussy. I lifted my legs up into the air and spread them wide apart so he could also get to my ass. I could feel myself orgasm as I reached for his head and thrust it up and down.

I suddenly came out of my trance and realized that everything felt too real. Who was between my legs eating my pussy? Who just made me have an orgasm? And who's head was I holding between my legs? I opened my eyes and could not believe what I saw. There was Bosco, my German Shepherd, between my legs going at my pussy with all of his might. He had come in and just helped himself to a little pussy. Well I let out a yell and closed my legs fast as he took off for the bedroom. I felt disgusted at what just happened and went right into the shower where I stayed for nearly an hour cleaning myself off of his germs. I even douche my pussy. I could not believe I had sex with my dog. I know some women get into that sort of thing, but I never thought I would ever stoop down that low and allow this sort of thing to happen to me. But it felt so good and so real. Like a real man.

I began to feel real strange. I began thinking about Bosco and what he did to give me pleasure. The thought of me getting into bestiality was turning me on. Before I knew it, I had a hand between my legs rubbing myself and thinking about Bosco. I now knew what I wanted to do. I was going to do it with my dog. The one that just disgusted me was now making me horny.

I came out of the bathroom, still naked and walked into the bedroom where I was met by Bosco. He was wagging his tail as if nothing had happened. I kneeled down next to him and said what a naughty thing he did to me. He just wagged his tail and began licking my face. Soon he moved down and began licking my breast. You don't waste any time, I said to him. My nipples were getting hard as he brushed them with his tongue. My tits were soaked with his saliva. Well, are you going to eat my pussy out again or are you just going to lick my tits for ever, I said to him. He just kept licking my tits and stomach. I was curious to see what size cock he had between his legs, so I laid down on my side towards his rear. At that moment he sniffed a little and found my now moist pussy waiting for him. He wasted no time as he began licking my pubic hairs and then my clit. I opened my legs to accommodate him. We were in sort of a 69 position but not directly under him, sort of on his left side. I could see his cock clearly now. It was bright red and had a pointed tip, a thick center and a knot at its base just in front of his 2 balls. Only half of his cock was sticking out of its cover. By my estimates it had to be 8 inches long overall. I was glad that he had a large cock.

I put my hand around it and began stroking it. It was smooth and slippery. With that he began to thrust his rear forward and was fucking my hand. At the same time, his cock began to grow and became completely exposed. The whole thing just came out of its cover. It was huge. He was humping my hand faster now and I could hardly hold on to it. It soon slipped out of my hand and he lunged forward still thrusting his rear and wound up behind me. He then turned around, and mounted me. I could feel his cock rubbing up against the side of my thigh. I knew he wanted to plow that huge tool into my waiting pussy and I knew the time had come to let him in.

I thought for a few seconds how we were going to do it and what position to take to get as much of that cock into me as possible. I decided to do it the way nature intended it to be done. They don't call it doggie style for nothing. I called him off me and got up to assume the doggie position. I got on all fours and shoved my ass up to his face. He wasted no time. He licked my entire pussy and ass until they were sopping wet. He then put one paw on my back and lifted himself up and over me. He was quite heavy and huge, covering me almost completely. I was having a hard time holding him and myself up. I didn't think it would work. He then wrapped his paws tightly around my waist and began thrusting his rear forward. I was at the point of no return now. There was no way of stopping this animal. He was going to fuck me now and that was that.

I could feel his cock poking around at my rear as he tried to find my love cave. His cock was a little low cause I felt it brushing against my pubic hairs and massage my clitoris. I then lowered my rear end a little. I felt his cock nudge at the entrance to my pussy and knew he was getting close. I then felt his cock start to enter me. I felt a small amount of pain on my vaginal walls as they stretched to accommodate his huge penetrating cock. I felt him go deeper and deeper inside me as he fucked me faster and harder. It was all I could do to hold on for the ride of my life. Soon I felt the tip of his cock nudge at my "G" spot. The feeling sent chills up and down my spine as I achieved one of many orgasms that night. He fucked me for what seemed like 10 minutes. He'd slow down for a while and then speed up again. He growled at me a few times for moving and making his cock slide out. It quickly found its way up in me again.

I felt something growing inside me. It felt like a baseball was forming at the tip of his cock. I wondered if it was that knot in his cock I noticed earlier. Anyway this thing kept growing inside me. It felt great at first but kept growing and became uncomfortable. When the knot grew to its full size, Bosco stopped fucking me and began to dismount. Only problem was he couldn't get his cock out of my pussy. The huge knot at the end of his cock was preventing him from pulling out of me. He did manage to swing his rear leg over me and dismount but we were still stuck, only he was facing the other way and his cock was bent back and inside me. I began to worry that we would stay in this position for ever but remembered that dogs always got stuck for a while then separate after the male finishes shooting his load, so it must also be true that when a dog fucks a woman, they too will get stuck. Anyway I felt something hot coming from his cock and figured it was him starting to ejaculate. It soon began seeping out between his cock and my vaginal walls and running down my legs. It was a gush.

I made the best of it and for the next half hour I massaged my clit till I came several times. I also played with his balls a bit. This made him pant faster and get more excited. I soon felt the knot start to deflate fast and in an instant his now limp cock slid out of me. He licked his cock clean and went off to sleep for the night.

The next morning Bosco was standing over me on the bed. His cock larger than ever. I guess he was waiting for me to suck it or something. He wouldn't leave me alone till I satisfied his sexual needs. I reached under and began stroking it gently at first then faster till it grew to full length. I got under him and drew his cock to my mouth and took it in. I proceeded to give him a blow job and drew his entire cock almost down my throat. He soon ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed every bit of it.

Well I'm sure glad my "X" boyfriend gave me Bosco. He helped me forget about him really fast.

Author: Unknown

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