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Harajuku Love Story

This story is about my friend Maiko and I and one of our trips to Harajuku Station. You might know about Harajuku Station from the Gwen Stafine songs. It's a place by Tokyo where a lot of "rebel" kids hang out dresses in Goth clothes and make up or as characters from anime. You can see a lot there. There is also a nice shopping area there that attracts the adults. It causes all kind of fun to happen.

Anyways, one day Maiko and I decided to head out to Harajuku Station for some fun. We just got done with some tests at college so we needed to blow off some steam. We got out outfits packed and out make up bag ready and headed out. We like to get dresses at the station, its just easer that way. We went to the station, paid out fee and hoped onto the subway.

I always like the subway rides in Japan. It's calming, relaxing, and sometimes a guy will try to feel me up. The first time it happened it caught me off guard and I slapped him. After the first one though, I was kind of excited waiting for it to happen again. The subway was packed as normal.

We pushed out way onto it, set our stuff down near the wall of the subway, and grabbed onto the hand holsters. Our things were safe, there is like no theft in Japan, it's nice. While the subway moved, me and Maiko talked and laughed about different things, trying to pass the time. The subway stopped at each platform needed, and people got on and off as needed. We were on the subway just as all the businesses were closing up, so it started to get packed with salary-men. This is when it gets fun. The business men are so over worked that they sometimes make attempts to grab me.

Everyone pushed there way on, with the help of the white gloved men outside the subway. Me and Meiko were pushed apart by people, but we were close enough to glance at each other and share gestures. We are about less then an arms length away. After a while, I was getting worried I would get no attention. I was getting lonely, but just then I felt a hand tough my ass. I looked over and Meiko smiled at me. I winked at her as I let her hand feel my ass. I'm glad to have a friend like this.

As the subway moved on, I felt the hand move over my ass, caressing it, pinching it and just giving me the attention I needed. When ever I could I would look to Meiko and try to signal that she do more if she wanted to. It took awhile, but after a few confused looks, I think she got the hint. The hand started to lift up my skirt and grab my bare ass. I didn't were panties like normal, so the hand could feel my ass right away. The hand was working my ass nicely, griping tightly and spanking it. It reached under my ass and started to rum my pussy lips from behind.

I moved my legs apart as far as I could so I could let the hand get farther into my pussy. It took no time for it to find its way into my pussy lips and started to massage it nicely. I turned to Maiko and gave her a devilish look. She laughed at me as the head move into my pussy more and more. I loved it. It knew just what I wanted. Maiko was really good at reading me.

This went on for a while longer, finger getting deeper into my pussy and massaging my clit. It was just what I wanted. Our stop was coming up soon, so I pushed the hand away, adjusted my skirt and grabbed out things. As Maiko and I made out way for the exit, some man whispered into my ear "Thank You". Kind of weird, but what ever. We hoped off the subway and made out way for the bathroom at the station to get ready. There were kids walking around already.

When we got to the bathroom, I game Maiko a big kiss and said that you. She asked me what I was talking about. I told her how well she did playing with my pussy on the subway. She told me that she didn't do a thing, he hand were stuck at her sides. Then it hit me. The man who said thank you, he must have been the one.

That got me even more turned on. Having a stranger's finger in me is just a nice feeling. I just told Maiko what happened, she said I was lucky and we got into a stall to change.

Maiko and I left the bathroom all dressed up. She was had on a nice leather outfit, many chains and handcuffs. She loved to dress up as a dominatrix. Her make up was on nice, making her very pale with nice bright red lips and she even put in contacts to make it more dramatic. I on the other had was dressed very different then her.

We always dress as a pair, but this time I was on the end of a leash Maiko was holding. It was a short chain attached firmly to a collar I wore. It fit my costume though. I was dressed up as a dog, my legs and arms were covered in fur like cloth. I had on a tale attached to my belt, and I wore dog ears. I had make up on to look more in the role, and had a halter top and shorts in the same material as my leggings. My legs were bound a little to help me walk better on all fours. We worked on the costumes for a while; there was a lot of padding and support for me. We didn't plan on staying for along time, so I was fine like this for the time being.

Maiko and I made our way up the stairs, which is harder to do when you have to crawl up them. She kept me on a short leash, when ever I fell behind she tugged on it can call out "Come". We really got into character when we dressed up. We made out way outside were we would show off. We walked back and farther down the strip, saying hi to people we knew from the scene there.

There were a lot of people that day, someone was setting up a camera and was shooting something. I couldn't quite tell what was going on at knee level, but Maiko said it looked like some news report or something. Maiko and I would do some acting every once and a while, she would give me a command and I would follow it, playing the good dog role.

It was a fun day; we got many looks, both evil and nice, from passer byes. Our friends complemented us on out outfits, as we did there's. It seemed like any normal day for us. We made our way farther away from the station to get something to eat. We made out way pass different group of people, getting cat calls form the men around. We passed up the Camera crew; it looked like they were interviewing people dressed up. Then I saw something I recognized from before. It was a logo from a local porn company. I told Maiko about it and she decided to take us over to show us off.

Maiko got close to then camera guys and the one with the microphone. She called him over; it took awhile to get his attention due to all the noise. He finally turned his attention to us and his eyes brightened up. He made his way over and started to introduce himself. He said that they were looking for some people to do some adult films with girls dresses in costume. Maiko said that we might be interested, and wanted to talk a bit more. He looked at me and asked if I was up to it as well, I just keep with my dog role and barked to him. He laughed and just said that we were perfect.

He walked us to a van near by and had us hop in. Maiko sat down, and I went to her feet and waited there. She petted my head and said good girl. The man from the company said that they wanted to see what we were all up to. Maiko said that she is very comfortable with me and that if I'm by her side she will do just about anything. The man asked me about my self, I told him about my past employment at the Sakura film company, and some of the things I've done. The man used his cell phone to talk to someone on the other line. They talked numbers and out lined some scenes. He hung up and wrote a something on a piece of paper.

The man passes the paper to Maiko and she opened it. He said it was what we were to be paid for our service. She showed it to me and I yelped. It was a nice amount. I nodded and so did Maiko. The man said great and asked if it was ok to shoot the film tonight. I had nothing else going on, and neither did Maiko, so we said it was ok but only if we could get a lift home afterwards. He said that it would be the least they could do for such pretty girls.

It took a bit to get the place, but I enjoyed the break off my knees. The van pulled up to a warehouse and everyone hopped out. He said that the video was a compilation of a bunch of difference scenes, and ours was one of the last ones. He walks us through the general plot he worked out with the other person one the phone. He said that everything has been set and that all we needed to do was act it out and they would make everything else happen.

It started with Maiko walking into a room, and she called out my name. We were still in the same costumes we were in earlier, just a little more make up. I came walking up to her on all fours, and then I got up and put my front paws on her legs. She said good girl and that she was happy to see me. She keeps going saying that she had a bad day and needed some relaxation. She said that she was having a friend come over and he was bringing a friend too. Maiko went and sad down in a big chair and called me over.

I ran over to her, and she started to pull down her skit. When she got it off she kicked her legs up and I started to attack her pussy. I licked back and forth as my doggy ears flapped around. I had to be light with my lick though, as to not mess up my make up. As I licked her pussy, she rubbed my head and kept saying good girl. I had to try to keep my ears aside though so the camera could get a good view. Although it was going to be blurred out, they liked to get in kind of close too.

This went on for while, I was getting in to her pussy deep with my tough, and Maiko loved it. After a bit, there was a knocked made by one of the guys hidden behind the camera, and I had to nudge Maiko to let he know to get it. She awoke from her pleasure trance and got up. She mumbled something about always getting interrupted just before cumming.

As she approached the fake door, she put on a fake smile and turned to me and said that it was the friend she told me about earlier. I cocked my head and tried to make a confused look just like dogs make when you talk to them. She opened the door and a guy walked in holding something. She greeted him with a kiss and said about time he got there. As he walked in I saw what he had in his hand, a leash. As he made his way in, I saw what was attached to it, a nice healthy doggy for me to play with.

As the man and his dog walked into the room, I tried my best to act excited as a dog would. I barked and hobbled around for a bit, Maiko tried to calm me down and had to put my leash in me so I wouldn't break anything. The man started to talk to Maiko, saying that I was a happy dog and stuff, and that I just wanted to get to know my new friend. The man and Maiko walked us into the sitting area and tied me and the other dog to a post they had there. The man said that we would get to know each other better while he and Maiko got more comfortable.

As the man and Maiko were talking, the dog he brought was getting very curies about me. The dog was sniffing me all over, getting to know me. He walked around and started to sniff my butt. The man looked at us and said that it looks like Shiro was getting friendly, and hoped that Maiko wouldn't get to mad if the dog tried to mount me. Maiko said that she has had me cooped up for a long time and that a good mounting might do me good. He laughed and said ok, and then he took out a whistle from his pocked. Maiko asked him what it was; he just said watch and blew on it. As soon as the ringing stopped, and Shiro looked at his master, the man said something I didn't hear, and Shiro turned back to me.

As soon as he had locked on to me, Shiro came rushing up and hoped onto my back. He missed my behind and was kind of humping my side. He moved his way around until he could lock his paws in on my hips and started to hump faster. I always get so turned on when a dog starts to hump me. My pussy gets so wet and I just start to crave his cock more and more.

I started to move my ass around trying to help him find his mark. I angled my pussy just right, because once I got in the position; he started to nail my pussy with his cock. But just before he got fully into my pussy, he pulled out enough to lose hold of it and drove his cock into my ass. I love anal sex, so I had not problem with it. Shiro didn't seem to mind either.

As Shiro was pounding my ass with his cock, I looked over to see the man starting to make out with Maiko, slowly undressing her. He said that he wasn't going to be shown up but his dog, and Maiko said she felt the same thing. They started to undress more and more, and as they did they moved off the couch and closer to us. By the time he started to fuck Maiko, they were right next to us. The man was fucking Maiko doggy style at the same time his dog was fucking me. I was so hot.

I could feel Shiro's cock start to swell, and as if grew I started to pant more and more. The man said that it looked like Shiro was starting to lock into my pussy, then corrected his statement and said "No, wait, its her ass he has hold of" and Maiko took her hand and rubbed my head saying "Good girl". Shiro was really getting in me deep. My ass was stretching with each pump. I was getting so full. It was great. Soon I felt his cock grow and it seemed fully in me, which made Shiro kick into overdrive since he knew I couldn't get away. He started to pump faster and harder then I've been fucked in along time.

I was having the time of my life, as I'm sure Maiko was to. After what seemed like 5 minutes but was in all reality about 45 minutes, Shiro started to fill my ass with his hot doggy cum. He pumped harder and harder until he was spent, then flipped his legs around and tied with me. At this time I stopped using my front paws and I was just laying face down with my ass in the air.

I turned my head to look at Maiko, and I'm not sure if they worked and trained to do this or it just happened to work out this way, but as I turned to Maiko the man looked like he was about to cum. He pumped faster in Maiko pussy, then when it looked like he was going to cum, he pulled out of her pussy and shoved his cock deep into Maiko ass. While they were fucking, he had prepared her for it with out her knowing. He lubed her up as he was fucking her, using his thumb to loosen her ass. Now it's not Maiko first time with anal, but she was shocked none the less.

The man pumped into her ass to fully drain his balls. He pumped a few more times then pulled out of her and walked over to Shiro. He patted Shiro on the head and moved his hand to Shiro's cock. As he was still locked into my ass, the man started to grab Shiro's cock by the base and slowly loosened it from my ass. It popped out no problem after his hand was on it, and it looked like the dog really trusted the man because Shiro didn't even flinch when the man grabbed him. As soon as the dogs cock was free from my ass, he took my leash off of the pole and led me over to Maiko.

He told Maiko to lie on her back and lead me over her, making us in a 69 position. As soon as I was over her pussy, I knew what to do. I started to lick her up and down, getting her nice and clean. As I was licking her pussy, she returned the favor to me and started to clean my snatch. Maiko is a master when it came to licking me. She knows just what to do. As she was licking me, the doggy cum was starting to leek out of my ass and onto her face. She let it just drip onto her as she licked my pussy, and it built up more and more on her.

Once it seemed like I was empty of doggy cum, the man told me and her to switch places and for me to lie on my back. We swapped places and went back to work on each other. As we moved around I caught a look at Maiko face, and it was drenched in cum. Doggy cum. I didn't know Shiro had that much cum in him, but seeing it on Maiko face really highlighted the amount.

As I licked Maiko's cunt, I could slowly feel the man's cum leaking out of her ass and onto my face now. We kept up the oral for a bit until all the cum was out of her and on me. Once she was empty we sat up and started to make out. As we tongued each other, each time we parted out lips a mixture of doggy and human cum dripped into our mouths. Out faces were drenched in cum and now out mouths were filling too. We made out for a bit more, and then they slowly dimmed the lights and told us we did great. They handed us some towels and we got cleaned up.

We changed back into out normal clothes and packed our costumes. The man fro earlier came up to us, handed us an envelope with out money and said a limo was coming around the corner. We hoped into it, sat down and started to chat while dividing the money we earned.

The driver took us home and dropped us both off at my house. Maiko wanted to talk more about out adventure and see what else we could do. We went inside, made some food and sat at the table and talked until my parents came home. She ended up staying the night; she couldn't keep quite on how much fun she had.

We ended up having a great time that day, made a nice amount of money, and got to get a little famous. It was over all a very enjoyable day.

Author: Nozomi

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