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Lisa's Animal Atraction

Chapter One

Lisa stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. She stood in front of the full length mirror and admired her body as she dried herself off. "Not bad," she said as she rubbed her hand over her breasts. She was proud of her body. At 34 years old she could still wear a bikini and not be the least bit ashamed. She noticed the way men would look at her when she was out in public. Her husband liked it when she would wear short shorts and a tight T-shirt that would show off her firm tits and nipples. As she stood looking at herself in the mirror she was daydreaming about sex and how good it would feel to have her husbands cock plunging in and out of her pussy when he came home in two days. As she was dreaming she was unconsciously fingering her clit. It felt so good! Her pussy was very wet. There was a noise in the kitchen that brought her back to her senses suddenly. As she walked from the bathroom into her bedroom she grabbed a robe and put it on. She proceeded to the kitchen to investigate the noise.

When she arrived in the kitchen she saw the source of the noise, it was Duke. Duke was the family dog, a large Great Dane, he was throwing his food dish across the kitchen, as he always did when he was hungry. "Poor Duke, are you hungry?", Lisa said as she walked toward the dish. She bent down and picked it up. Duke sat in the middle of the kitchen floor and watched her every move as she proceeded to fill the dish. "There you are. I'll get you some fresh water too." Lisa placed both dishes on the floor and Duke began to eat.

Lisa walked around the house to double check the locks on the doors making sure everything was secure for the night. She returned to the kitchen, poured herself a glass of wine and sat at the table. She watched as Duke finished eating. When he was done he walked over and sat down in front of Lisa and laid his head on her lap. Lisa petted him on the head and spoke to him as if he could understand. Duke was a good companion for Lisa while her husband was out of town.

He made her feel safe in the house at night. She knew he wouldn't let anyone harm her and that was very comforting. She would take Duke with her when she went places in the car or just for a walk. He was quiet and always looked as if he understood what she was saying. While she was petting him Lisa hadn't noticed that the robe had gapped open exposing her crotch. Duke was enjoying getting his head scratched, but he began to notice a scent that was very interesting. He moved around trying to find this scent. Duke moved his nose to the inside of Lisas thigh. Then he pushed his nose closer to the source of her scent. Lisa jumped when his nose touched her inner thigh. "Duke!, stop that!" she said as she pushed him away. Lisa stood up and closed her robe. Duke stood up and pushed his nose to her crotch again. "I said stop that" snapped Lisa. "You can sleep in the kitchen if you can't behave. Go lay down on your rug in the corner." She pointed to the rug and Duke walked slowly toward the corner.

As he laid down on the rug Lisa noticed his penis was slightly exposed from its sheath. "I guess that smell has the same effect on you that it has on Gary. But if you want some pussy you better find some of your own species." Lisa turned around and walked out of the kitchen. After turning out all of the lights she returned to the bedroom. She removed the robe and climbed into bed. Lisa laid there thinking about what she needed to do the following day. There was shopping to be done and the household chores needed to be finished before Gary returned home. As thoughts ran through her mind she eventually started thinking about Gary and the sex they would have when he returned. Gary was a good lover, he would spend hours making love to her. She thought about his cock and how she wanted to have it in her mouth. She was remembering how she would suck his cock and he would move her into a 69 position so he could eat her pussy while she licked and sucked his cock. As she was dreaming about sex she was twisting her nipples and fingering her clit. It felt so good!

She was rubbing her clit and stuffing a finger up her pussy. She was getting hot so she pushed the covers back exposing her naked body to the cool air in the room. While she was fingering herself she was so engrossed in the feeling she didn't notice that Duke had slipped into the room. He walked up to the foot of the bed and sat down. He placed his head on the bed and watched as Lisa squirmed around on the bed.

Dukes nose picked up the scent that had interested him earlier. Lisa was screwing two fingers in and out of her pussy and using her other hand to rub her clit. She had her eyes closed, imagining that it was Gary fingering her. Duke was sniffing the air trying to inhale the scent that was making him so excited. His instincts began to take over. Duke stood up and put his front paws on the bed. This startled Lisa. "Duke! I thought I told you to stay in the kitchen. I really don't need an audience." Lisa laid still. Her hands still on her pussy. She was looking at Duke as he looked into her crotch. "This is crazy", she thought, "I'm laying here with my legs spread open and Duke is looking at me like he knows what I'm doing." Lisa had many thoughts rushing through her head. "What would it feel like to let Duke lick my pussy? Would he hurt me? I'm so fucking horny, why couldn't he have stayed in the kitchen until I finished myself off?" Lisa looked at Duke. He was still standing with his front legs up on the bed and his nose was sniffing the scent of her crotch. "I know I shouldn't be thinking this but I want Duke to lick me." she thought aloud. "Duke would you like to try some of this?" Lisa spread her legs wide and spread her pussy lips open with her fingers. "Come Duke! Come here and lick me." Duke stood there looking at Lisa he wasn't sure what she wanted. He had been trained not to get up on the furniture. "Come on Duke. Come here. Its O.K. come up here", Lisa coaxed. Duke slowly got up on the foot of the bed and moved toward Lisa. "That's it, come here". Duke moved up between Lisas legs and lowered is nose to zero in on the source of the scent. Lisa shivered with excitement as Dukes nose touched her inner thigh. Duke moved his nose right up to Lisas wet pussy and paused while he sniffed. "That's right get your nose up there. Lick me Duke." Duke sniffed a few more times then started to lick the wet pussy juice that was flowing out of Lisa. Lisa held her legs wide and pulled her pussy open wider with her fingers. Duke ran his tongue around the opening then started to push his tongue up into her dripping wet vagina. Lisa couldn't believe the feeling! She could feel Dukes long rough tongue probing up into her slit.

As he continued to lick he became more excited. His tongue was licking wildly trying to get as much of this tasty new substance as he could. "YES! YES! lick my pussy Duke! Oh shit it feels soooo goood!" Duke was doing his job perfectly Lisa could feel her pussy start to gush. She climaxed hard. "OOOOOHH FUUUCCKK! I'MMM CUUMMMINGGGG" Lisas orgasm crashed through her body. Her pussy juices flowed out of her quicker than Duke could lick them up. Pussy juice flowed down the crack of her ass and onto the bed. Duke was licking up as much of this tasty fluid as he could. As her climax subsided Duke continued licking both her cunt and down the crack of her ass. Exhausted, Lisa laid there looking down at her crotch. Duke wasn't going to stop until he had licked up every drop. Lisas clit was getting over sensitized she could barely stand it. "Duke stop!, I can't take it any more!" She said as she rolled over away from the dogs relentless licking. Lisa was recovering from her orgasm. Duke sat down on the bed and stared at her. Still licking the remaining juices from around his snout. Lisa looked at Duke sitting there on the bed and noticed his penis was sticking out of its sheath about three inches. It was bright red and very thick. Lisa thought "Wow, it must be twice as thick as Garys cock. I wonder how big it really gets." Duke looked at Lisa and whimpered. "What's the matter Duke? Did eating my pussy make you horny? Come here." She patted the bed next to where she was laying and Duke moved up next to her and laid down.

Dukes head was laying next to Lisas. "let me see what you have down here." Lisa rubbed Dukes belly and he rolled over on his side. His cock was still exposed. Lisa looked at the large red penis then moved her hand towards it. She grabbed Dukes penis at the sheath and began stroking slowly. Duke looked at her. Lisa stroked the sheath and was rewarded by the sight of Dukes cock starting to grow. As it grew in length she moved her hand gently up and wrapped her fingers around the growing red shaft. She continued and the dog cock grew even more. Duke let out a low groan. "Does that feel good Duke? You have a huge cock!" The dog cock had grown to almost a foot long and Lisa had to use both hands to reach around it. "I wonder what it would feel like to have this cock inside me." Lisa wondered. "I wonder what it would feel like in my mouth?" Duke was trying to hump up towards Lisas hands and his breathing was getting very heavy. Lisa lowered her head towards the huge dog cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked it. She licked around the head and up and down the shaft. Then she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked it into her mouth. It was huge! She could barely stretch her lips around it. Duke was getting so excited he couldn't lay still any more. Duke suddenly stood up. "Oh Duke what's wrong?" Lisa wanted to feel the cock in her mouth again. Duke was standing on the bed with the huge cock dangling down.

Lisa rolled underneath Duke and grabbed his cock again. She pulled it towards her mouth and began to suck. Duke began to hump His cock in and out of her mouth. Lisa pulled a pillow up under her head so she could use both of her hands to jerk Dukes cock while she sucked him. Duke stepped over Lisa with one of his legs. Lisa was laying flat on her back with Duke straddling her body as he pushed his huge cock into her mouth further. Lisa held onto his cock to keep him from running it all the way down her throat. Lisa was getting very excited feeling the dog cock sliding into her mouth she kept one hand wrapped around the cock and started to play with her pussy with the other. Duke was humping frantically into Lisas throat. Lisas hand was sliding up and down the shaft. She felt the cock swell even more and she felt the knot on the base of his cock grow. It felt like it was the size of a baseball! Duke let out a loud whimper as his cock exploded in Lisas throat. Lisa was trying to swallow the cum as best as she could. The dog sperm was flowing down her throat and out around her lips. After what seemed like a quart of sperm shot out of his cock Dukes orgasm subsided. Duke pulled his cock out of Lisas mouth and walked off of the bed. Duke stood there looking at Lisa with the huge cock hanging down. Lisa was fingering her clit on the verge of another orgasm. "OOOHH SSHIIIT! I'MMM CUUMMMMINGGG!" Lisa thrashed around on the bed as she climaxed. After her climax she laid still for a while.

She couldn't believe what she had just done! It was such a nasty thing to do but it felt so good! Lisa rolled to the edge of the bed. Duke was laying down licking himself. She climbed down on the floor next to Duke. Duke looked at her while she petted him. "I can't believe this Duke, I never thought of a dog as a sex partner. I just can't control myself!" Duke sniffed at her and licked her face. He proceeded to lick up the remaining cum from Lisas face and chest. As he licked the cum off her tits Lisa gasped. "OH that tongue of yours is so big and rough! I think I will have to let you lick me from now on." Duke licked down her belly and put his nose in her crotch again. "Lick my pussy again Duke! Get yourself horny again so I can have you fuck me!"

Lisa laid back on the floor as Duke proceeded to lick again. After a few minutes Lisa could see Dukes cock begin to peek out of the sheath. "Looks like you are getting all worked up again! Here, let me move into another position". Lisa tried to get up but Duke knocked her back. "Duke! Just wait a minute I want you to lick my pussy and my ass! Let me move!"

Lisa pushed Duke back and moved toward the bed. She got on her knees and laid forward on the bed. Her knees were still on the floor. "Here you go boy lick me now." Lisa coaxed. Duke moved around behind her and buried his nose in her crotch. He began licking Lisas cunt and ass. "YES! that feels good! Lick it all up!" Lisa panted. Duke was getting very aroused he stopped licking and moved up to mount Lisa from behind. "OOHH DUKE! FUCK ME! STICK YOUR COCK IN ME!"

Duke was grabbing Lisas hips with his front paws and humping his cock toward her pussy. Lisa could feel his cock poking at her thighs and ass. Duke was frantically trying to find the right place to bury his hot prick. "COME ON DUKE! FUCK IT UP INSIDE ME!" Try as he might Duke couldn't seem to find the right place. Lisa wanted Dukes hot cock inside her the frustration was building. She reached between her legs and tried to find his cock. She grabbed it with her hand and Duke began humping harder. "Just a second!" Lisa guided the dog cock towards her wet pussy. As soon as the tip touched her pussy lips Duke thrusted forward. "OOOHH! YESSS! FUCK ME NOW DUKE!" Lisa screamed as the dog cock started to plow into her cunt. Duke fucked his cock into Lisa and forced more and more into her with each stroke. "OH FUCK! YOUR GOING TO SPLIT ME IN TWO!"

The huge cock was thrusting in and out of Lisas pussy. Lisa felt it growing thicker and splitting her deeper. Lisa was clutching the bed sheets with her hands and fucking back into the dog cock. Lisa felt a stretching sensation and realized that the knot at the base of Dukes cock was now inside her.

For a second she wondered if it was true that a dog would be locked inside until the knot went down. "I guess we will find out for sure in a while" she thought. But right now the pressure of the knot in her stretched vagina was adding to the sensation. "FUCK ME! FUUCK MEEE! COME ON DUKE! FUCK THAT PUSSY!" Lisa was out of her mind with lust. Duke was fucking her harder and deeper than she had ever experienced. The sensations were more than she could stand. Lisa began to climax. "UUNNNGGGHHHHH! OH YES FUCKME! FUCK ME!" Lisas orgasm was flooding through her body. As she came her pussy squeezed and sucked Dukes cock. Duke let out a low howl as his cock exploded into Lisas cunt. "YES GIVE IT TOO ME DUKE! CUM IN MY PUSSY! FILL ME WITH DOG SPERM!" Lisa fucked back against Duke as he finished shooting his load. Lisa was coming down from her orgasm as Duke was finishing. When Duke was done he tried to pull away from Lisa but he couldn't!

His knot was holding him in! Lisa was still enjoying the final waves of her fucking and the effort Duke was putting into trying to dislodge himself was causing aftershocks to shoot through her. "Easy Duke, we're locked together just calm down and enjoy the last of the great feelings." Duke heard her calming voice and that helped him to relax. Duke laid forward on Lisas back and rested. It took several minutes for the swelling of the knot to go down enough do that Duke could dislodge himself from Lisa. When he did get disconnected from her he backed up as Lisa turned and rolled down to the floor. Lisas pussy felt like it had been stretched over a telephone pole. There was pussy juice mixed with dog sperm dripping out of her pussy. Lisa laid next to Duke for a while as they rested from the sex session. "I don't think I need to go for a whole week without getting fucked any more! I have two cocks that can please me now." Lisa said as she scratched Dukes head. After she regained her strength Lisa went in and took a shower then crawled into bed. Duke slept on the floor next to the bed.

Author: Anon NixPixer

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