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Peepers Paradise

I'm a peeping tom. I know I should seek help for my problem, but just can't, it's to much fun. I work at a larger printer shop. In the front office they always hire young pretty girls to do light secretaries work. They don't stay long so I get to look at a new girl about twice a month.

I've hidden video cameras at different places around the front office. So I can watch them from different angles. Sometimes a peek up a skirt, or a flash of a tit when one adjusts a bra strap. Sometimes it pays off, big time. That brings me to this story.

I'm a gopher slash handy-man. I knew today they had hired another girl. So I made and excuse to be in the front office, so that I could see if the new hire was worth peeking at. Sam the boss brought her into the office and started showing her where anything was. My mouth dropped open when I saw her. She stood 5'1", 95 pounds. She had dark hair running down to the small of her back. I guessed she was 34dd 22 31, give or take and inch here or there. Her legs were shapely, and she had the cutest little feet I've very seen. She had big brown eyes. A little button nose and pouty red lips. Her name was Sandi Burns. And all of 18 so I would find out later.

I watched her for a week. Everything she did looked sexy. One day she asked me to get her a chocolate milk shake, because she couldn't leave the office. I said sure, I would've done anything for her. I went back up to my small office to watch her drink it. Watching her suck on the straw made my cock grow hard. Then she tipped the cup to get the last bit out. The shake was thick and wouldn't come out. She tipped her head back and tapped the bottom of the cup. The shake came out all at once, and ran down her face and neck. Some went down the front of her blouse. "Shit"! She looked around to see if anyone was watching. She ran her fingers around her face, and licked the chocolate off her fingers. I almost came right then, watching her suck on her fingers. She looked down at her blouse then around again. Then unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of her blouse. I almost screamed with joy. Her tits were better than I had dreamed. She wore a pretty lower cut lace bra, which showed plenty of cleavage. She ran her fingers between her tits to get the chocolate off that had dripped between them. I came the minute she put her finger to her lips to lick. She buttoned her blouse up and went back to work like nothing had happened.

The company I work for had got burglarized twice in 2 weeks. So Sam decided to get a guard dog to patrol the building at night. The dog was a mean looking, half German shepherd and half Doberman. He had jet black hair, and piercing eyes. His name was prefect for his look, Satan.

Sandi was scared to death of Satan. She would not even get out of her car till she saw the dog pickup for the day. They teased her about it. But to tell you the truth everyone else was at least a little scared of him.

Sam had an idea how to make the jobs of the guys in the back easier. He moved this old printing press into the office. Sandi then could key in the text, and run off the amount of copies the customers wanted. But the press was and old piece of shit. It was every slow and dangerous. The safety guards had been lost years ago. He told her to keep all loose clothing and hair away from the huge rollers. She told him not to worry she would be very careful.

I came into the office to see what Sandi had worn to work today. She had on my favorite outfit. She had on black sandals with 4 inch heals. Lightly flowered skirt, that wrapped around and tied at the waist, it came down to just above her knee. A white blouse with buttons and lace down the front. The blouse just tight enough to show off her big tits. And a pink sweater.

She had her hair in a long ponytail that ran down her back. "If you need anything just give my a call." I said. "Thanks your always so nice." If she only new that I watched her all day. And that she helped me cum 5 times a day. Labor day weekend was coming up and everyone was looking forward to the long weekend. But at the last minute Sam brought Sandi a bunch of type to copy. "But its almost time to leave." "I know but this guy needs this to be done first thing Tuesday morning." "But this printer is so slow it will take me all night, can't I use one of the new ones?" "Normally you would be able to. But he wants a special kind of type, and this is the only machine that can do it." "But..." He cut her off. "Well if you don't want to do it I guess I can hire someone who will." Sandi thought about this for a minute. She did need the money...SHIT... "Ok I'll stay." "Thanks, here you are." And he handed her a large hand full of papers.

5:00 time to leave. I could hardly wait to get home to grab my cock and masturbate to the video of Sandi today. She had take off her sandals and massaged her feet. Her skirt fell open and I caught sight of her panties. What a sexy sight, I was hard all day. I decided to see if Sandi wanted me to walk her to her car. When I got to the office she was sitting red eyed looking down at the pile of papers in front of her. "What's the matter?" She raised her head and quickly wiped her eyes. "Oh Sam brought me all this work to do before I leave today." "That's going to take you half the night. Do you want me to stay and help you?" "No, why should this ruin your weekend. But thanks for the offer." "Well if you don't want me to stay do you need anything before I leave?" She thought about this for a few seconds. "Yea could you pleeeeease get me a big Chocolate milk shake?" "Sure I'll be back in a few minutes."

I couldn't believe my luck I was going to get more tape of Sandi sucking on a milk shake. I ordered one extra thick, so she'd have to suck extra hard. Hoping she would spill some all over her again. Before I gave her the shake I went to my office and put a fresh tape in the VCR. "Here's your Shake." "Thanks you're a dear." "Well I've got to go, see you Tuesday". I literally ran to my office and took off my pants and underwear, and sat down to watch, stroking my rock cock. Sandi looked around the office. "Everyone's gone I can finally take off these shoes." She slowly slipped them off and rubbed her sore feet. As I watched my cock grew even harder. I slowed his stroking, I wanted this to last as long as possible. Sandi got up and when over to the printing machine, adding more paper. She sucked hard on the straw, but couldn't get anymore out of the cup, it was just to thick. She turned and sat on the edge of the printer. She tilted her head back and raised the cup to her mouth. I could hardly wait...please spill... Suddenly she dropped the cup spilling chocolate shake down her blouse dripping on her skirt and legs puddling on the floor. "Ahhhhh help!" She was slowly being pulled down by her hair. She had got her hair stuck in the printers rolls. She put her arms to her sides to push herself away but her sleeves of her sweater got caught in the lower rolls. The printer slowly pulled her back flat against the side panel, making her tits stick out. Her ass about a foot off the floor. She was hanging by her hair and sweater sleeves. The printers jam switch had turned it off. "Please someone help! My hair is stuck. Help"!

I still don't know why I didn't go to help her. She just looked to sexy. It was a fantasy of mine to see her in bondage. And this was as close as I would ever get. I watched as she began to cry. "Please help, anyone!" Then she stopped and turned white. That snapped me back to reality. I saw what had scared her, it was Satan. The boss had forgot to tell the guard company not to drop off Satan till later. I froze in my tracks half scared, half curious to see what the dog was going to do.

"Nice doggy it's me, Sandi". Satan growled and sniffed the air. "Heeelp"! Her scream made Satan bark at her. She quickly closed her mouth and just cried. Satan walked toward her sniffing, and stopped at her feet. He sniffed the puddle of milk shake, and started licking. "Go away, Nice doggy". He finished and looked up at her face, and sniffed the air. He lowered his head and smelled her foot. She kicked at him. Satan beared his teeth and snapped at her foot, she instantly froze. Satan lick her toes. "Stop that, go away!" But she didn't move. His tongue lapped her toes and the sole of her foot. She began to squirm. His long tongue snaking out and running from her heel to the tip of her toes. She tried to be still but the dog licking was tickling her. She slid her foot up away from the dog. He looked up, then started licking the other foot. I watched and grabbed my cock and stoked.

Sandi's breathing was now getting a little quicker. As I watched, it looked like she was getting turned on. "Please stop doggy." Satan just ran his tongue up and down her foot. His tongue sliding between her toes. "Someone help me." she said weakly.

Sandi kept squirming. "God some help me." This disgusting dog was beginning to turn her on. She kicked at him again. This time he stopped and backed up, and stared at her with his dark eyes. Growling and lowered his head. "Don't bit me! Help!"

I watched but did nothing but stoke my cock. Satan lurched forward and grabbed her blouse in his teeth. "Heeeelp!!" Growling Satan shook his head back and forth. The blouse ripped down the front. He lurched forward again his jaws caught her bra. He pulled hard, and the bra snapped open. She was now naked from the waist up. Her tits were bigger looking, naked, with her blouse open. They juggled slightly as she cried. The aureoles were as big as silver dollars, her nipples stood up in little points. The milk shake had soaked through her blouse leaving her tits chocolate covered. Satan began licking the under side of her right tit, it bounced up and down as he licked. "Stop go away, Help anyone please!" He licked the left tit then the right. She was squirming to get out of the way. But her hair and sleeves were still stuck in the printer. Satan was now licking her nipples. I was amazed as I watched her nipples getting hard. Satan's tongue slurped and licked, her tits bounced up and down. "Ooooooh stop Pleeease."

Satan stopped licking and sniffed at her skirt covered pussy. Sandi tits were now cleansed of the chocolate shake, but were wet and sticky with dog spit. Her nipples were now rock hard, and breasts kept bouncing sensuously as she cried. Satan's nose pushed between her legs. "Stop that!" She slammed her legs together. Satan growled and bit down on her skirt, and pulled...rrrrrrrrrip.

She was now naked but for a small pair of pink lace panties. Satan lowered and sniffed again. "I said no!" And she kicked out, and caught the dog in the snout. He lowered his ears and snapped at her right tit. "Arrrch!" Blood dripped from her nipple. "Ok here." She spread her legs, and grabbed the bows that held was panties on and pulled. I came as her panties fell away leaving her now totally naked. Her slit was bare with a few light brown pussy hairs.

Satan lowered his head again and lick her bare pussy. She closed her eyes. "Please just don't bite my again." She pleaded with the dog. His tongue ran up and down her pussy lips. She began breathing in short breaths. "Shhhhit Stooop." She whimpered. She slowly spread her legs wider. Satan's tongue licking her from asshole to clit. My cock got hard again and I stoked it more slowly this time not wanting to cum too soon this time. Sandi's cries for help were now sobs of passion. Satan's long tongue ran up to the tip of her clit then sliding into her pussy. "YYYYessss right there." Satan lightly bit down on her tender pussy. She was now trembling. She put her legs under her so that she could push her pussy toward Satan's licking snout. I came again as I watched her hump her hips at the dogs face.

Satan licked faster as if he could sense that she was close to cumming. He lapped at her swollen clit. "Yeeeeeeees!" She rocked her hips at Satan. He buried his nose in her pussy and licked with long stokes. "Yeeeees!" Cum gushed out soaking Satan's nose, he pulled away then gently lick all the cum out of her pussy. Sandi's body slowly went limp. She was now again hanging from her hair, and ripped sweater sleeves.

Satan lowered his head between his legs and licked his long red cock. I switched to the other video camera, so now I had a side view. Sandi looked down at the disgusting dog. "Go away you bastard you got what you wanted." Satan growled at her and raised up on his hind legs. With his front paws on the top of the printer. His cock slapped her face. "No get down I won't!" He growled at her and barked. I watched as she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of Satan's cock. My cock shot cum straight up in the air, at the sight. "Please suck it." Satan began to tire of her just licking. He humped his cock in her face. "No I won't please be good an go away." He let out this blood curdling howl, and growled again. She was scared that he might bite her again so she open her mouth and put her lips around the end of his cock. Satan started humping her face. He humped with fast short stokes. I watched as she gagged with every thrust. She was crying again. She gagged and coughed as Satan's cock banged the back of her throat. He fucked her mouth faster and faster. She was desperate to keep his cock out of her throat. Still he humped faster.

The tip of his cock slid down her throat. She coughed and gagged. Satan fucked her mouth harder. I watched as Sandi's throat slowly expanded. Satan's cock slid all the way down. It was truly a sight to see. My cock was getting hard again. Now Satan was fucking her throat with now long quick stokes. His expanding knot slamming up against her lips. She was no longer gagging but she was having trouble breathing. She discovered if she took a quick breath on the out stoke, she was able to keep from passing out.

Satan deep throated her for more than 5 minutes. Then stopped, Sandi knew what was about to happen, her boy friend's did the same thing when they were about to cum. Satan's cock jumped in her throat. I could she the dog's crotch jammed against her mouth, and I could she her throat, it looked like she was swallowing. YES! she was swallowing as fast as he could, she didn't really have a choice.

But cum came squeezed out from around her cock filled lips. Satan pulled his cock from her throat, she coughed and spit cum out of her mouth and nose. She sucking air in, dog cum running down covering her throat and heaving tits. She watched as Satan went over and laid down on the floor and licked his cock clean.

I pulled up my pants and went to help her. I decided the show was over anyway. As I got to the door I looked at her one more time. Hanging from the printer. Sweat, dog cum, and chocolate shake splattered over her body. Tears running down her face. I walked into the office. "Sandi I forgot mmmmmmmy. What the fuck happened?" I ran over to her. She looked up at me. "Than God your here. It was terrible that dog, he well, he, it was horrible!" I took off my coat an covered her. "I'm here now." "Bbbut he raped me. "SSSSSShhh, lets get you unstuck, then you can tell me all about it." My cock was rock hard at the thought of what she would tell me. Yes what a great way to start a long weekend.

Author: Mona

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