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Slutgirl's Dream

I have a dream. Everyone has a dream, right? Well, I have a dream. Its nothing big, I mean I don't want a million dollars and a mansion in Paris – ok, well yes I do, but that isn't the dream. I did have one dream about losing weight, but I'm making that one happen. No, this is another dream and it would take someone else to help make it happen.

I dream of being swept off my feet by a gorgeous but mysterious man. He wines and dines me for a little while, until I become completely under his spell. He asks me to move in with him and I agree, naturally. It is not long before he starts to mold me into the type of woman that pleases him.

You see, he is not interested in virtuous women. He is not turned on by monogamy or convention. He realises quickly that I am trapped inside society's mores so he starves me of food for 3 days, locking me in a small dark room and won't let me sleep. He forces me to watch porno after porno of women giving into sex with sheer delight.

He makes me sit at a computer he has set up in the room and surf the net finding porno sites – he even takes me into some that he is a member of. He sees my inhibitions begin to melt and gets me to masturbate in front of him. He lays me on a bed, spreads my legs and inserts a vibrator into my pussy. He keeps telling me how good I am, how much I am exciting and pleasing him. He swaps the vibrator for a large dildo, cucumber, carrot, a bottle and finally the slim receiver of a telephone.

He gets me to kneel up on all fours and he inserts a butt plug into me, very slowly and tenderly. He then won't let me go to the toilet for hours. Finally, when I think I can hold on no longer he allows me to go, but he stands there and watches me. I don't care, I am too exhausted from hunger and lack of sleep.

Finally, after 3 days, he takes me upstairs, gently baths me and puts me to bed. I sleep 13 hours and then he gives me warm soup and lots of cuddles to nourish me physically and emotionally.

Several weeks later and I have started wearing the clothes he picks out for me. I wear short skirts and see through blouses most of the time. The only bras I am allowed to wear are the half cup with the nipple showing through or my old bras, with the middle cut out so the nipple can poke through. I am not allowed to wear knickers, except at "that time of the month". He takes me to get my hair cut short and dyed light blonde, and has make-up tattooed onto my face.

He places a dog training choker around my neck and padlocks it in place, this I have to wear everywhere. He has even bought a dog tag and had "bitch" engraved on it. That is my new name he informs me, I am to be called bitch from now on.

At home he makes me sleep on a thick mat on the floor beside the bed and gives me a blanket to cover me when its cold. He starts training me to drink his piss straight from his cock so he won't have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to relieve himself. He even starts mixing his piss in with my food so I will get used to the taste quicker, occasionally mixing in his cum as well. Now he makes me eat every meal out of a dog bowl at his feet – and only after he has eaten.

He takes me to the piercer and I leave with a piercing through my clit hood, with a ball that bounces on my clit keeping me permanently aroused, four piercings through my pussy lips, so he can lock them up he says and a piercing through each nipple. 6 weeks after the nipple piercing, he takes me to an adult store and gets nipple stretchers. He gets the man behind the counter to put them on me and I come away with my nipples very sore, but he is pleased.

He has started training me to wear a small vibrator at all times by switching it on, placing it inside and locking me up. I am not allowed to cum until he gives permission and at times it drives me almost mad.

Its around this time he starts bringing men home for me to fuck. He has stretched my arsehole with several sizes of butt plugs and I have to service each man with all my holes. He praises me for this. He also brings women home for me to service and gets them to piss into my mouth to train me how to drink from women.

After about six months, he has decided I need to have my tits enlarged, so he arranges surgery for me to have my tits enlarged 4 cup sizes. They are huge and everyone will notice them, but he says that is good. He says I am there as a pleasure model anyway, that my sole task is to be pleasing to others and what could be more pleasing than a woman with huge tits? My tits are sore, but it pleases him and that is what counts.

He has started taking me down lane ways late at night, getting me to fuck winos and drunks. The idea of old and dirty men having their cocks up me is arousing to him and I start to get off on it too. He buys them bottles of gin if they will piss on me and in my mouth.

One day he brings home a small shed, just big enough for two people to stand in. He says that in the warmer months I will be sleeping in it. He sets it up and chains me in for the night. Its a little hot, but not too bad. I tell him it was quite comfortable. He smiles and says not to get too comfy because I will have to share it soon.

A week later he comes home with a german shephard about 2 years old. He tells me this is my new Master as well as him and I must obey all his desires. He locks us both up in the shed at night, first putting the dog in, then masturbating me with a vibrator until I almost cum and stopping. He says I can only cum if my other Master makes it happen and locks me in the shed as well, with the smell of arousal between my legs.

It doesn't take long for the dog to get interested. He comes sniffing around my legs. I am so horny, I spread them wide to let him have his way, after all he is my Master too. He sticks his long, wet tongue into my pussy and it feels as if he is washing my whole insides out, he gets that far in. He keeps doing it and I moan loudly, it feels just so wonderful. I turn over so I am now on all fours and arch my back to give him the cum on signal.

He gets serious about licking me now and really gets stuck in. My moans get louder and finally when I can stand it no longer, he jumps up on my back and shoves his great, cock into me, thrusting as if his life depends on it. I am pushed forward a little with the force, but manage to brace myself. I can feel him growing inside me, feel something knocking against my pussy lips and then push its way through inside me and now we are locked together and he starts to pump like a piston engine.

We stay like that and he fucks me good and hard for another 20 minutes, then we are locked together for 20 minutes more. Eventually, he climbs down and I feel a gushing between my legs. The dog licks himself off, then comes over to lick me clean and before long I am aroused again and he is fucking me. We do this several times that night and every night after.

It doesn't take long for him to realise I am his bitch and he starts to demand his use of me at all different times. I am under instruction that I must get down and be used by him no matter who is in the house. If it is someone that shouldn't see such an act, Master will take him to another room and I will follow, then I will service him. After a few weeks the dog and I are really quite good at getting it on and Master starts to bring men home who have paid to see me fuck a dog.

They love seeing me fuck this dog for them and Master loves seeing my huge, swollen tits swaying back and forth, the nipple stretchers in place, having made my nipples 5 times bigger than they were and I love that he has turned me into this slut.

*sigh* will it ever happen?

Author: Slutgirl

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