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The Barn Yard Story

It was a hot summer day on the Just Another Ranch. All the chores were done. The cows were mooing for their daily delight. Jack arose from his early afternoon slumber and went for the aluminum baseball bat on the porch. He put on his muddy rubber boots and headed for the pasture. When the cows saw Jack coming, they raced over to the pasture gate in anticipation.

Jack made it to the gate and slipped the lock. The cows were mooing wildly and Jack knew it was time. Just about every year around this time, the female cows were in heat. One year, Jack just couldn't stand the cows' anxiety so he did what he's doing now. Jack walked over to Betsy (he got well acquainted with the animals) and Betsy turned around to receive her pleasure. Jack took the large end of the bat and shoved it slowly inside Betsy's huge cunt. The cow moaned in pleasure as Jack increased the pumping to a fast and furious climax. The cow, now a little weak in the knees began to moan really low as her juices started to flow. Jack pulled out the vaginal secretion coated bat and went on to do Brownie, Clarence, and the gay bull, Georgey.

Kelly, the farmer's daughter was watching this strange ritual from her bedroom window high atop the ranch house. Actually, she was starting to get sexually aroused. She could feel a tingling deep down in her muff and couldn't stand the excitement. She took off her t-shirt and started rubbing and massaging her eighteen year old tits. They weren't the biggest tits that Kelly has seen, but all the boys at college thought she was the best one in bed! She undid her skirt and started rubbing her clit, making it nice and hot. She then slipped one finger in and let out a little moan. She couldn't stand the lack of pleasure produced by her fingers and was wishing for a big dick, one bigger then she'd ever seen before. She took her finger out of her slit and got dressed again. She went back to her window and watched the cows receiving the ecstasy that she thought she deserved.

A little while later, when farmer Jack was done with the cows, he decided that he'd go to the bar. He figured that since Kelly was eighteen, she could take care of the ranch house for the few hours that he'd be gone. Jack entered the house and yelled upstairs to his daughter, "Honey, I'm going to town... I'll be back in a couple of hours."

"OK, dad" Kelly yelled back. She knew that he'd be going to the bar. Ever since her mother got run over by the tractor, her dad hit the bottle pretty hard. Kelly listened as her dad closed the door and started up the truck. Then, she heard him drive off. This was Kelly's big chance. She was finally left alone. She took off all of her clothes and went downstairs. She was dancing around in the kitchen, stark naked except for a pair of shoes. Just then, she heard a little whimper. It was Jake, her Great Dane. Kelly thought to herself about possibly having sex with Jake and then said "That's sick!"

But the more she thought of it, the more sexually aroused she became. She motioned Jake over, and he came on her command. Jake laid down beside her and rolled over on his back, expecting a nice relaxing stomach rub. Little did he know of the joy he was about to receive. Kelly started rubbing his stomach and slowly slid her hand down to his big cock. She started to rub it gently, stroking it with carefulness. She looked at Jake's dick as it slowly slid out of it's fur pocket. Kelly started counting the inches as the dick grew larger.

One...two...three...four...five...six...seven...eight. Eight and a half inches! Kelly was enthusiastic and quickly felt the lust inside of her raging like the nymphomaniac she was.

Jake watched as Kelly kneeled down and put her soft lips around his device. She took it all in and felt the dog's dick sliding down her throat. She pulled her head back and forth and felt a little surge in Jake, so she slowed up. Kelly didn't want Jake to shoot his load right away. Carefully, she stood over Jake and squatted down to let her mound meet Jake's large cock. She grabbed onto the pecker and slowly slid it in her inviting crack. Kelly moaned as she slowly went up and down, riding Jake's tool like a bicycle.

She felt a surge of juices enter her twat and knew that Jake could no longer function to her needs. She got up and sat in front of Jake. She was in a horny mood and really wanted an orgasm. She grabbed Jake by the muzzle and brought his nose up to her clit. Jake smelled her twat and liked what he was tasting. With his hot, rough tongue, Jake licked Kelly's cunt. She was surprised at how good it felt. She moaned in satisfaction as Jake's tongue slid up and down her crack. Kelly's back arched and she was about to climax. Her juices flowed down her legs as Jake paused in his licking actions. Not realizing the time that had passed, Kelly looked at the clock. "Phew," she thought to herself, "Dad won't be back for at least an hour and a half." She roamed through the ranch wondering about what other sexual fantasies she could fulfil...

Author: Jody Dunbar

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